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This is set of sniffs and fixers that checks and fixes code of Nette Framework against Coding Standard in Documentation.

Installation and Usage

Install the tool in a global directory. Its name will be for example /nette-cs:

composer create-project nette/coding-standard /nette-cs

Check coding standard for PHP 7.1 in folders src and tests:

/nette-cs/ecs check src tests --preset php71

And fix it:

/nette-cs/ecs fix src tests --preset php71

If no PHP version is specified, it will try to find out from the composer.json file.

GitHub Actions

# .github/workflows/coding-style.yml
    - uses: actions/checkout@v2
    - uses: shivammathur/setup-php@v2
          php-version: 8.0

    - run: composer create-project nette/coding-standard temp/coding-standard
    - run: php temp/coding-standard/ecs check src tests --preset php71