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This lib is useful if you are only interested in using MaxMind’s GeoLite2 databases to figure out the country of origin and maybe a bit more detail such as city (slower) based on the IP address of the visitor inside a Zend Expressive or PSR-15 app, or a Zend Framework 3 based app. Factories and default configuration are setup out of the box for both Expressive and ZF3.

Retrieving location data for an IP address relies on the ability to figure out the remote address of the client, so this lib has a dependency on netglue/realip-helpers. This is only used by the middleware.


Install with composer using "netglue/geoip2-helpers"

Zend’s component installer

Get a copy of the database

This package comes with a utility for downloading the free, GeoLite2 databases. If you are using a paid version, you’ll probably be downloading the databases into a central location, so MaxMind’s geoipupdate will likely be a better tool for you:

Using the shipped downloader tool

After installing with composer, the command will be made available in vendor/bin/geoip. You can get help for the command with geoip help geoip:download.

With no arguments, the command will download both the city and country databases into the ./data directory of this lib. To download to a different directory, you should provide a directory argument, i.e geoip geoip:download ~/geoip-data/here.

Files will be named whatever they are on the remote server, something like GeoLite2-City.mmdb.

If you are only interested in Country level information, you can turn off downloading the city database with the --country switch and vice-versa with --city. By default, both databases will be retrieved.

The --no-clobber switch will only perform a download if the files do not already exist so it can be used during deployment for example to avoid repeatedly downloading stuff you don't need.

ZF3 Controller Plugin

In a ZF3 app, the default config exposes a plugin with the name geoIp. Using this plugin is pretty straight forward:

$ip = $this->clientIp(); // If you are using the netglue/realip-helpers dependency
if ($ip) {
    $countryCode = $this->geoIp()->countryCode($ip);
    $countryName = $this->geoIp()->countryName($ip);
    $timezone    = $this->geoIp()->timezone($ip); // If you are using the City Database
    $dataArray   = $this->geoIp()->get($ip);

PSR-15 Middleware

Add \NetglueGeoIP\Middleware\Geolocation::class to your pipeline, after a middleware that will inject a request attribute of ip_address (By default, can be configured in construct) containing the client IP.

Subsequent middleware will have access to the attributes:

  • Geolocation::DATA - An array containing everything that was found in the database (If anything)
  • Geolocation::COUNTRY_CODE - 2 letter ISO country code
  • Geolocation::COUNTRY_NAME - Country name according to configured locales
  • Geolocation::TIMEZONE - Timezone, if available - depends on using the city based database.

Alternative stuff to look at

This lib might be too narrow or specific so you might find that Geocoder PHP is a more mature, better fit for your needs. There's PSR-15 middleware out there that consumes this lib: middlewares/geolocation


cd to wherever the module is installed, issue a composer install followed by a composer test.


PR's are welcomed. Please write tests for new features.


You're welcome to file issues, but please understand that finding the time to answer support requests is very limited so there might be a long wait for an answer.


Netglue makes websites and apps in Devon, England. We hope this is useful to you and we’d appreciate feedback either way :)