Netgen's eZ Publish Legacy to eZ Platform bridge

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1.0.0 2018-03-07 16:14 UTC

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Legacy Operations Bridge

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This eZ Publish Legacy extension allows override of some operations to be performed using eZ Platform Repository API. Main motivation behind this is better integration of Legacy Admin UI with Solr Search Engine, which otherwise requires delayed indexing for some trivial operations, like adding another Location to Content.


eZ Platform uses a database connection separate from eZ Publish Legacy. If you use bridged operations inside a transaction initiated from eZ Publish Legacy database connection, the transaction will not apply to them.


1. Enable kernel override and kernel override autoload

In the ezpublish_legacy/config.php enable kernel override by uncommenting the following constant definition:


In your composer.json add the call to generate kernel override autoload array to the bottom of symfony-scripts array under the scripts key:

"scripts": {
    "symfony-scripts": [

2. Install through Composer

Use Composer to install the bundle:

composer require netgen/legacy-operations-bridge:^1.0

3. Activate legacy ngoperationsbrige extension

Add the following in your central site.ini.append.php file (usually ezpublish_legacy/settings/override/site.ini.append.php):



See ngoperationsbridge.ini for available configuration options.