Netgen's extra search bits for Ibexa CMS

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3.2.1 2024-02-21 10:08 UTC


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This only lists all implemented features, see the documentation for more details on specific ones.

  • Support for asynchronous indexing (solr, legacy)

  • ContentName criterion that works on matched translation's Content name (solr, legacy)

  • ContentName sort clause that works on matched translation's Content name (solr, legacy)

  • ContentId and LocationId criteria with support for range operators (solr, legacy)

    Supported operators are: EQ, IN, GT, GTE, LT, LTE, BETWEEN.

  • Visible criterion (solr, legacy), usable in both Content and Location search. The criterion works on compound visibility of Content and Location objects: the Content is visible if it's marked as visible; the Location is visible if it's marked as visible, is not hidden by one of its ancestor Locations, and it's Content is visible.

  • Spellcheck suggestions support (solr)

  • CustomField sort clause (solr)

    Provides a way to sort directly on Solr field by its name.

  • Pagerfanta adapters providing access to extra information returned by the search engine, like facets, aggregations, max score and execution time (solr, legacy):

  • ObjectStateIdentifier criterion (solr, legacy)

  • SectionIdentifier criterion (solr, legacy)

  • Support for custom Content subdocuments (Solr search engine) (solr)

    Provides a way to index custom subdocuments to Content document and SubdocumentQuery criterion, available in Content search to define grouped conditions for a custom subdocument.

  • SubdocumentField sort clause (solr)

    Provides a way to sort Content by a subdocument field, choosing score calculation mode and optionally limiting with SubdocumentQuery criterion.

    Note: This will require Solr 6.6 or higher in order to work correctly with all scoring modes.

  • LocationQuery criterion (solr, legacy)

    Allows grouping of Location criteria so that they apply together on a Location.

  • CustomFieldFacetBuilder facet builder (solr)

    Allows building facets on custom Solr fields.

  • RawFacetBuilder facet builder (solr)

    Exposes Solr's JSON facet API in full.

  • Indexable implementations for RichText (solr)

    These implementations shorten text indexed as keyword to 256 characters, which prevents failures when the field's content is too big for Solr's string field. They can be controlled with semantic configuration (showing defaults):

                enabled: true
                short_text_limit: 256
  • Loading implementation of result extractor (solr)

    Loading result extractor gets it's value objects by loading them from the persistence. This prevents:

    • UnauthorizedException failures because of the missing content/versionread permission when Content is updated and incremented current version number is not yet indexed in Solr
    • NotFoundException failures when Content/Location is deleted and the corresponding document is not yet removed from Solr index

    Usage of loading result extractor can be controlled with semantic configuration (showing defaults):

        use_loading_search_result_extractor: true


To install Ibexa Search Extra first add it as a dependency to your project:

composer require netgen/ibexa-search-extra:^3.0

Once the added dependency is installed, activate the bundle in config/bundles.php file by adding it to the returned array, together with other required bundles:


return [

    Netgen\Bundle\IbexaSearchExtraBundle\NetgenIbexaSearchExtraBundle::class => ['all' => true],