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Bundle for eZ Publish which enables sign in with various social networks

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As the impact of social media grows, most sites like to provide login via social networks like Facebook and Twitter. This bundle makes use of HWIOAuthBundle to provide the ability to log in to eZPublish-based sites via social networks.


  • A new eZ user is created when logging in with social network for the first time.
  • The following data is fetched (if available) - user id, real name, email, profile picture.
  • Existing users can be linked to and unlinked from their social network account easily.
  • All relevant configuration can be defined per siteaccess.

Known issues

  • The resource owner entity needs to be overriden from HWIOAuthBundle to enable siteaccess-specific client ids and keys. For now, we only support Facebook, Google, Linkedin and Twitter.
  • The bundle is based on HWIOAuthBundle 0.4, which supports Symfony >= 2.3, < 3.0. Symfony 3 is not supported yet.

License, docs and installation instructions


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