This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

free as in freedom unique number repository (web service and client) written in php

0.13.0 2016-03-06 21:37 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-06-28 13:02:58 UTC


I still like the idea but there is currently no use case to develop it anymore.

Unique Number Repository Webservice

Sometimes, you simple need to make sure you can fetch a unique number for a given problem scope. To easy things up, this project will create a rest based webservice as backend and a command line frontend to support you solving this problem.

REST Based Backend (Server)

  • endpoint s
    • "/unique-number-repository"
      • DELETE: deleted a repository and all its unique numbers
      • GET: returns list of all repository names
      • PUT: creates a new repository
    • "/unique-number-repository/{name}"
      • DELETE: deletes a number from this repository
      • GET: returns list of all numbers from this repository
      • PUT: creates a new number for this repository

Command Line Based Frontend (Client)


By Hand

mkdir -p vendor/net_bazzline/unique_number_repository
cd vendor/net_bazzline/unique_number_repository
git clone .

With Packagist

composer require net_bazzline/unique_number_repository:dev-master


By Hand

cd <project root>/configuration
cp client.local.php.dist client.local.php
#adapt client.local.php
cp server.local.php.dist server.local.php
#adapt server.local.php

With setup

cd <project root>


  • implement token authentication (you can and should override the existing token by creating your own client.local.php and server.local.php in configuration)


API is available at



  • upcomming
    • @todo
      • multiple storage (databases) are supported (right now, file storage is supported)
      • return the right status code (403 instead of 404) if a user tries to delete a number he does not own
  • 0.13.0 - released at 06.03.2016
    • moved to psr-4 autoloading
  • 0.12.3 - released at 18.12.2015
    • updated dependency
  • 0.12.2 - released at 19.11.2015
    • updated dependency
  • 0.12.1 - released at 18.11.2015
    • updated dependency
  • 0.12.0 - released at 30.09.2015
    • changed "not authorized" http status code from wrong 403 to right 401
    • introduced right usage of 403
  • 0.11.0 - released at 20.09.2015
    • added restriction that only the creator (repository or number) can delete the resource
  • 0.10.4 - released at 16.09.2015
    • fixed issue in authorization request
    • made https an optional requirement
    • updated
    • updated dependency
  • 0.10.3 - released at 14.09.2015
    • added API section
    • updated dependencies
  • 0.10.2 - released at 13.09.2015
    • added setup script to easy up after installation configuration
  • 0.10.1 - released at 13.09.2015
    • fixed authentication problem
  • 0.10.0 - released at 13.09.2015
    • downgraded to silex 1.2 to support php 5.3.3
    • fixed broken links
    • increased compatibility by using '/usr/bin/env' for client code
    • removed unused dependencie
  • 0.9.0 - released at 12.09.2015
    • silix based server/backend

Final Words

Star it if you like it :-). Add issues if you need it. Pull patches if you enjoy it. Write a blog entry if you use it. Donate something if you love it :-].