Neighborhoods Kōjō is a distributed task manager.

4.13.2 2019-06-12 13:42 UTC



A distributed task manager.

Kōjō is a collection of the following components:

  • Distributed task management.
  • Distributed, cooperative, process-aware semaphores and mutexes.
  • Static cron scheduling.
  • Multi-process model.
  • Distributed IPC.

Trying out Kōjō

Real-world use cases for Kōjō and instructions for getting Kōjō up and running in your project can be found at KojoFitness.

Debugging Kōjō

XDebug version greater than xdebug-2.7.0alpha1 is required when trying to debug Kōjō. This version of XDebug resolves issues ( caused by the way the Kōjō forks using pcntl.