LaraAdmin is a Open source Laravel Admin Panel / CMS which can be used as Admin Backend, Data Management Tool or CRM boilerplate for Laravel with features like CRUD Generation, Module Manager, Media, Menus, Backups and much more

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LaraAdmin is a Open source CRM for quick-start Admin based applications with features like Advanced CRUD Generation, Schema Manager and Workflows.

Website: laraadmin.com
Creator: @gdbhosale, Dwij IT Solutions


Module Manager:

You can create and edit Modules without touching code. It generate CRUD methods and views on the go from your schema, which can be customized. [Schema based migrations done]


Workflows governs the automation of business processes like Tasks, Events and many others according to set of procedural rules. (Cron Events) [Under Development]

User Management:

Easy user Management with features like Employees, Roles, Groups, Departments and Access Control. [Under Development]


CRUD Model Listing & Add:

![LaraAdmin CRUD Model Add] (http://laraadmin.com/img/laraadmin/laraadmin-row-listing-add.jpg)

CRUD Model View:

![LaraAdmin CRUD Model View] (http://laraadmin.com/img/laraadmin/laraadmin-row-view.jpg)

Online Code Editor: ![Online Code Editor] (http://laraadmin.com/img/laraadmin/laraadmin-online-code-editor.jpg)

Installation & Documentation

Documentation for the LaraAdmin can be found on the LaraAdmin website.


Thank you for considering contributing to the LaraAdmin. Please read features doc

Bugs, improvements & Security Vulnerabilities

If you discover a bug or security vulnerability within LaraAdmin, please send an e-mail to Ganesh Bhosale at ganesh@dwij.in. All requests will beaddressed promptly.


If you come across any issue/bug please report them here.


LaraAdmin is open-sourced software built by Dwij IT Solutions and contributors and licensed under the MIT license.


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