LaraAdmin is a Open source Laravel Admin Panel / CMS which can be used as Admin Backend, Data Management Tool or CRM boilerplate for Laravel with features like CRUD Generation, Module Manager, Media, Menus, Backups and much more

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LaraAdmin 1.1

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LaraAdmin is a Open source CRM for quick-start Admin based applications with features like Advanced CRUD Generation, Schema Manager and Workflows.

Warning LaraAdmin 1.1 is not a package anymore. Now it's a template.

Website: LaraAdmin.com

Creator: @gdbhosale, Dwij IT Solutions


Module Manager:

You can create and edit Modules without touching code. It generate CRUD methods and views on the go from your schema, which can be customized. [Schema based migrations done]


Workflows governs the automation of business processes like Tasks, Events and many others according to set of procedural rules. (Cron Events) [Under Development]

User Management:

Easy user Management with features like Employees, Roles, Groups, Departments and Access Control. [Under Development]


CRUD Model Listing & Add:

LaraAdmin CRUD Model Add

CRUD Model View:

LaraAdmin CRUD Model View

Online Code Editor: Online Code Editor

Installation & Documentation

Documentation for the LaraAdmin can be found on the LaraAdmin website.

Warning Documentation is not ready yet for version 1.1


Thank you for considering contributing to the LaraAdmin. Please read features doc

Bugs, improvements & Security Vulnerabilities

If you discover a bug or security vulnerability within LaraAdmin, please send an e-mail to Ganesh Bhosale at ganesh@dwij.in. All requests will be addressed promptly.


If you come across any issue/bug please report them here.


LaraAdmin is open-sourced software built by Dwij IT Solutions and contributors and licensed under the MIT license.


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