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encapsulation of mqtt client based on simps mqtt

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Coroutine MQTT Client Integration With Hyperf Framework

This library uses simps/mqtt, please see for compatibility

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This library supports MQTT 5 only


composer require nashgao/mqtt

publish config

php bin/hyperf.php vendor:publish nashgao/mqtt

Design Purpose

Shared Subscription is a new feature introduced by MQTT 5. It allows multiple subscribers to subscribe a same topic while only one of them receives the message at a time

                                                   [subscriber1] got msg1
             msg1, msg2, msg3                    /
[publisher]  ---------------->  "$share/g/topic"  -- [subscriber2] got msg2
                                                   [subscriber3] got msg3

As the Chart demonstrated, subscriber 1,2,3 belongs to the same group g under topic, where $share is the constant prefix of the topic.

While msg 1,2,3 is published gradually, only one of the subscriber within the group will receive the message instead of all of them (queue topic is special case for shared subscription, with group g became a constant string as $queue).

In order to make the subscription easier, this library was designed and integrated with Hyperf framework. The library uses simps/mqtt which is the first php mqtt library that support MQTT 5 for basic mqtt broker interaction.


  • Subscribe

    • Auto subscribe:
      • For each topic defined under your config/autoload/mqtt.php, if the auto_subscribe is enabled as true, the mentioned topic will be subscribed once the hyperf server is started.
      • If the queue topic is enabled as true, then it would short circuit the shared topic options
      • option enable_multi_sub is enabled as true, then multi_sub numbers of client will be created to subscribe corresponding topic
      • option group_name represents to the g option mentioned above it the design purpose section
    • Manual subscribe (in these cases, the shared subscription needs to be handled manually)
      • dispatch Nashgao\MQTT\Event\SubscribeEvent event
        use Hyperf\Utils\ApplicationContext;
        use Nashgao\MQTT\Config\TopicConfig;
        use Nashgao\MQTT\Event\SubscribeEvent;
        use Psr\EventDispatcher\EventDispatcherInterface;  
        $event = new SubscribeEvent(topicConfigs: [
            new TopicConfig([
               'topic' => 'topic/test',
               'qos' => 2
        $dispatcher = ApplicationContext::getContainer()->get(EventDispatcherInterface::class);
      • call Nashgao\MQTT\Client directly
        use Nashgao\MQTT\Client;
        $client = make(Client::class);
            'topic/test' => [
                'qos' => 2
  • Publish

    • dispatch Nashgao\MQTT\Event\PublishEvent
      use Hyperf\Event\EventDispatcher;
      use Hyperf\Utils\ApplicationContext;
      use Nashgao\MQTT\Event\PublishEvent;
      use Psr\EventDispatcher\EventDispatcherInterface;
      $dispatcher = ApplicationContext::getContainer()->get(EventDispatcherInterface::class);
      $dispatcher->dispatch(new PublishEvent('topic/test', 'hi mqtt', 2)); 
    • call Nashgao\MQTT\Client directly
    use Nashgao\MQTT\Client;
    $client = make(Client::class);
    $client->publish('topic/test', 'hi_mqtt', 2);