IDE help files for Swoole.

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This package contains IDE help files for Swoole. You may use it in your IDE to provide accurate autocompletion.


You can add this package to your project using Composer:

composer require swoole/ide-helper:~5.0.0
# or
composer require --dev swoole/ide-helper:~5.0.0

To use the latest stubs from the master branch:

composer require swoole/ide-helper:@dev
# or
composer require --dev swoole/ide-helper:@dev

PHP Configuration Settings

  • swoole.display_errors: Boolean. Default On. Display/hide error information from Swoole.
  • swoole.enable_coroutine: Boolean. Default On. Turn on/off coroutine support.
  • swoole.enable_library: Boolean. Default On. Load the source code from Swoole Library or not.
  • swoole.enable_preemptive_scheduler: Boolean. Default Off. Enable preemptive scheduler or not. To understand how it works, please check examples under section "CPU-intensive job scheduling" of repository deminy/swoole-by-examples.
  • swoole.unixsock_buffer_size: Integer (in bytes). By default, it's 256 KiB on Macintosh or FreeBSD, otherwise 8 MiB. The total buffer sizes for the socket connections between the master process and the worker processes in Swoole.
  • swoole.use_shortname: Boolean. Default On. Support short names or not. Short names are all the aliases listed in file src/swoole/shortnames.php.

All the directives can be set anywhere except swoole.use_shortname, which can only be set in php.ini files.