A simple PHP-based queue manager, with an interface for registering custom workers

0.1 2015-08-06 14:47 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-11-11 19:25:27 UTC


This project has been deprecated in favor of naroga/foreman.


This package is only suited for UNIX or OSX distributions.

Even though it is not offically supported, you might succeed in running this package on a Windows machine if you have CYGWIN installed (as long as you keep commands such as 'ps' in the PATH global variable.

It requires PHP 5.6+ with the following modules enabled: php5-curl, php5-memcache (not to mistake with php5-memcached). Writing privileges in app/cache and app/logs are also required.

Even though it fires up process asynchronously, it does not need any additional modules (like pthreads).


To install this package, use composer:

composer create-project naroga/queue-manager -s dev

This will install the package with its dependencies.

You should also create a VirtualHost with the root directory set to /web/.


To configure this package properly, see the Configuration Reference. You might want to skip this section, as the default configuration should work just fine. Tweak the parameters to improve your server responsiveness, save CPU/memory or to increase the number of workers.


If you want to get started on using this package, you can proceed to the Usage Instructions.


Naroga/QueueManager is released under the MIT License. See the bundled LICENSE file for details.