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Library for user authentication over OAuth2 protocol.


composer require mwstake/mediawiki-component-oauth-client


Connection params

$GLOBALS['wgOAuthClientConfig'] = [
	'base_uri' => '',
			'client_id' => '##CLIENT_ID##',
			'client_secret' => '##CLIENT_SECRET##',
			// if needed adapt endpoints, if not, omit to use the defaults
			'endpoints' => [
				'authorize' => '/oauth2/authorize',
				'token' => '/oauth2/token',
				'user' => '/oauth2/user',
			// if needed adapt scopes, if not, omit to use the defaults
			'default_scopes' => [],
			'redirect_uri' => ##REDIRECT_URI##,

Login page

Your implementation needs to provide a login page that will be used as the redirect target for the OAuth2 authorization code flow.

Specify the name of the SpecialPage in $GLOBALS['wgOAuthLoginPage'] = 'MyPage;`

Resource owner

If you want to have a custom resource owner, implement a class that implements League\OAuth2\Client\Provider\ResourceOwnerInterface and set it in $GLOBALS['wgOAuthClientResourceOwner'] = MyResourceOwner::class;.

Otherwise, the default League\OAuth2\Client\Provider\GenericResourceOwner will be used.