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Unoconv API

This API is object oriented PHP overlay for unoconv binary.


Install unoconv and required libraries

sudo apt-get install unoconv

Install the latest version with composer

composer require mrcnpdlk/unoconv-api

Basic usage

use Monolog\Handler\ErrorLogHandler;
use Psr\Log\LogLevel;

require __DIR__ . '/../vendor/autoload.php';

// Logger instance
$logger = new \Monolog\Logger('unoconv-api');
$logger->pushHandler(new ErrorLogHandler(ErrorLogHandler::OPERATING_SYSTEM, LogLevel::DEBUG));

// Set default value for handler
$oConfig = new \Mrcnpdlk\Api\Unoconv\Config([
    'binary' => '/usr/bin/unoconv',
    'logger' => $logger,
    'timeout'=> 300
$oApi    = new \Mrcnpdlk\Api\Unoconv\Api($oConfig);

Config option

Property Default value Type Description
binary /usr/bin/unoconv string executable unoconv library
host localhost string Host where libreoffice server is listen
port 2002 int Port where libreoffice server is listen
docType DocType::DOCUMENT() DocType Document type
format FormatType::PDF() FormatType Output format
timeout 60 int Connection timeout
options urp;StarOffice.ComponentContext string Connection option
logger NullLogger instance LoggerInterface Logger
webservice http://localhost:3000 string External WebService url, see

Detailed documentation you can find here.

Create document

$res     = $oApi->transcode($sourceFile, $format, $destination, $exportOpts);

Parameters transcode method:

Parameter Type Description
sourceFile string Valid path of input file. Otherwise InvalidFileArgumentException is thrown.
format FormatType|NULL If NULL default value form Config object is taken.
destination string|NULL If NULL directory of input file and default extension for Format is taken. If sourceFile is valid directory path then output file is saved into this directory.
exportOpts array Array of export options. See the list


$oApi    = new \Mrcnpdlk\Api\Unoconv\Api($oConfig);

$from = __DIR__ . '/../devel/test.docx';
$res  = $oApi->transcode($from, null, __DIR__, [
    ExportType::PageRange              => '1-1', // page range (string)
    ExportType::Watermark              => 'FOO bar BAZ', // watermark text (string)
    ExportType::Printing               => 0, // printing permission (int)
    ExportType::RestrictPermissions    => true, // restrict permission (bool)
    ExportType::PermissionPassword     => 'password1',
    ExportType::EnableCopyingOfContent => false, // copy permission (bool)
    ExportType::Changes                => 0, // changes permission (int)
    ExportType::DocumentOpenPassword   => 'password2', // password to open file (string)


Api supports dockerized unoconv webservice for generating simple PDF file.

To start container writedocker-compose.yml and just docker-compose up -d

version: "3.7"
    image: zrrrzzt/docker-unoconv-webservice:10.14.0
      - 3000:3000
      - PAYLOAD_MAX_SIZE=5242880
    restart: unless-stopped
$res     = $oApi->wsGetPdf($sourceFile, $destination);


Released under the MIT license