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Moxio PHP_CodeSniffer sniffs

This is a collection of our custom PHP_Codesniffer (3.x) sniffs for detecting potential bugs and unexpected behavior in PHP code. It may be used as a ruleset on its own, but it is mainly intended as a set of separate sniffs that can be integrated into other standards.

We described the motivation behind some of these sniffs on our blog.

Installation and usage

Install as a development dependency using composer:

$ composer require --dev moxio/php-codesniffer-sniffs

Check your files against this set of sniffs:

$ ./vendor/bin/phpcs --standard=vendor/moxio/php-codesniffer-sniffs/MoxioSniffs path/to/your/files

Description of sniffs

More sniffs will be added soon.

MoxioSniffs.PHP.DisallowBareContinueInSwitch: Disallows the continue statement without a numeric argument when used directly within a switch-case. This prevents silent bugs caused by PHP considering switch to be a looping structure.

MoxioSniffs.PHP.DisallowImplicitLooseComparison: Disallows implicit non-strict comparisons by functions like in_array and array_search. Requires that the $strict-parameter to these functions is explicitly set. This prevents hidden bugs due to counter-intuitive behavior of non-strict comparison.

MoxioSniffs.PHP.DisallowImplicitLooseBase64Decode: Disallows implicit non-strict usage of the base64_decode function. Requires that the $strict-parameter to this function is explicitly set.

MoxioSniffs.PHP.DisallowUniqidWithoutMoreEntropy: Disallows calls to uniqid() without $more_entropy = true. When $more_entropy is false (which is the default), uniqid() calls usleep() to avoid collisions, which can be a substantial performance hit. Always calling uniqid() with $more_entropy = true avoids these problems.

MoxioSniffs.PHP.DisallowArrayCombinersWithSingleArray: Disallows calls to functions that combine two or more arrays with only a single array given as an argument. This applies to functions like array_merge(_recursive), array_replace(_recursive) and all variants of array_diff and array_intersect. Such a call does not make sense, and is most likely a result of a misplaced comma or parenthesis. To re-index a single array, just use array_values.

MoxioSniffs.PHP.DisallowImplicitMicrotimeAsString: Disallows calls to microtime() without the $get_as_float argument being explicitly set. By default, microtime has a string as its return value ("msec sec"), which is unexpected and cannot be naively cast to float, making it error-prone. It is still possible to set this argument to false, but in that case you have probably thought about this.

MoxioSniffs.PHP.DisallowImplicitIteratorToArrayWithUseKeys: Disallows calls to iterator_to_array() without the $use_keys argument being explicitly set. By default, iterator_to_array uses the keys provided by the iterator. This behavior is often desired for associative arrays, but can cause unexpected results for 'list-like' arrays. Explicitly requiring the parameter to be set ensures that the developer has to think about which behavior is desired for the situation at hand.

Running tests

After installing dependencies (including development dependencies) using Composer, run

$ ./vendor/bin/phpunit

from the project root dir.


This project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

Please note that, from the perspective of this library as a pick-and-match collection of sniffs (and not a complete coding standard), the addition of new sniffs will not be considered a breaking change and thus does not cause an increase in the major version number.


These sniffs are released under the MIT license.