Sentry service provider for the Silex framwork.

1.0.4 2014-03-27 22:43 UTC


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Sentry client service provider for the Silex framwork.

Install via composer

Add in your composer.json the require entry for this library.

    "require": {
        "moriony/silex-sentry-provider": "1.0.*"

and run composer install (or update) to download all files.

If you don't need development libraries, use composer install --no-dev or composer update --no-dev


Service registration

$app->register(new Moriony\Silex\Provider\SentryServiceProvider, array(
    'sentry.options' => array(
        'dsn' => '',
        // ... and other sentry options

Here you can find other sentry options.

Exception capturing

$app->error(function (\Exception $e, $code) use($app) {
    // ...
    $client = $app['sentry'];
    // ...

Error handler registration

Yoc can install error handlers and shutdown function to catch fatal errors

// ...
$errorHandler = $app['sentry.error_handler'];
// ...