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The bundle provides a set of tools that simplifies building applications which need to operate with data coming from client-side. These operations are supported:

  • Creating new records
  • Validating data ( both Symfony validation and domain validation )
  • Querying data - single record, batch
  • Removing record(s)
  • Getting default values that can be used on client-side as a template for a new record

What this bundle does:

  • Provides a super-type controller that you can inherit from to harness power of all aforementioned operations
  • Integrates a powerful querying language where you define queries using JSON - now you can safely build queries on client-side
  • Hydration package - this component provides a nice way of converting your entities to data-structure that can be understood by client-side logic
  • Provides a simple yet powerful client-server communication protocol
  • Simplifies functional testing of your controller


Add this dependency to your composer.json:

"modera/server-crud-bundle": "dev-master"

Update your AppKernel class and add ModeraFoundationBundle declaration there:

new Modera\ServerCrudBundle\ModeraServerCrudBundle(),


For detailed documentation describing how to use this bundle and its components please read Resources/doc/


This bundle is under the MIT license. See the complete license in the bundle: Resources/meta/LICENSE