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1.2.3 2018-11-05 18:53 UTC


Provides some utilties to rapidly build Restful API's in Symfony.

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This bundle is only compatible with Symfony 4. We are working to make it compatible for other LTS versions of Symfony.

You can check the documentation here, but frist familiarize yourself with this readme.


  • Create RESTful endpoints in seconds with our awesome RestController
  • Transformation/Serialization layer by league/fractal
  • Eager Load selectable Hydration
  • Pagination at ORM level by whiteoctober/pagerfanta
  • Easily control access to your resources implementing OwnableInterface
  • Json Body Parser Listener
  • Resource Managers for cleaning your controllers.
  • Subresources route support


  • Hypermedia Links Manager
  • Advanced Collection Filtering
  • Content Negotiation


Simply run:

composer require mnavarrocarter/rest-bundle

Then register the bundle in your bundles.php:

// config/bundles.php


return [
    // ...
    MNC\Bundle\RestBundle\MNCRestBundle::class => ['all' => true],


This bundle does not need previous configuration in order to work.


In order to enable fast-devopment features is very recommended that you install the symfony/maker-bundle with composer.


First, create a resource and give it a name.

php bin/console make:resource post

Then, you should start writing your application logic, from your database seeding to your fixtures, and other things.

To get a deep understanding on how this bundle works and what are the main parts to it, read the docs.


This bundle incorporates services definitions and code from these other bundles that were extracted here to avoid dependency in other bundles.

  • limenius/liform-bundle
  • samjarret/fractal-bundle