Pack/unpack integer and GUID keys to shorter strings

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This library packs integer, UUID and GUID keys to shorter strings, e.g. for use in user-facing URLs.

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Three classes, IntPacker, UUIDPacker and GUIDPacker are provided, each capable of packing/unpacking a particular type of ID. Each class has essentially the same interface, but accepting/returning different types of keys.

Here's an example of packing/unpacking a UUID to a shorter string:

$packer = new UUIDPacker();

echo $packer->pack("7eb6de1e-65ef-4fb7-baff-c0732c1c4614"); // => "py6dWN6dgKR8cGVz73zDiT"

echo $packer->unpack("py6dWN6dgKR8cGVz73zDiT"); // => "7eb6de1e-65ef-4fb7-baff-c0732c1c4614" 

You can pack keys using different notations. The default is legible, which produces human-readable and reasonably short keys - see here for more options.

You can also add redundancy to packed keys, to prevent typos make it harder to guess a packed key.

Here's an example packing an integer key to base64 with 4 bytes of redundancy:

$packer = new IntPacker('base64');

$packer->setRedundancy(4, 'super secret salt');

echo $packer->pack(123456); // => "7yg6HR"

echo $packer->unpack("7yg6HR"); // => (int) 123456

Note that unpack() will return null if the redundancy check fails.