Convert numbers between arbitrary notations

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Last update: 2022-11-25 15:56:44 UTC


This script provides a converter between numbers encoded with n-base notation.

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Any notation (using ASCII characters) can be used.

For example, to convert from decimal to hexadecimal notation:

$converter = new NBaseConverter();

echo $converter->convert('12345', 'dec', 'hex'); // => '3039'

You can define your custom notations via the public $notations property - the notation names supplied to the convert method must be defined in $notation.

Common notations such as bin, hex, dec and oct are pre-defined, as well as base62 and base64, plus a URL-safe variation of base64 called url64 which uses - and _ instead of the standard + and / used by base64.

Also, a useful notation legible is available, which excludes visually ambiguous characters such as 1 and l, 0 and O, which can be used to shorten numeric IDs, e.g. for use in URLs.

Refer to the source code for a list of pre-defined notations.