Yii 2 apidoc as Vim helpfiles



Add mikehaertl/yii2-apidoc-vim to your Vundle configuration.

Alternatively you can download the files from here, extract the package and move the docs/ directory to your ~/.vim directory.

If the help is not available after installation, you can try to issue this command in VIM:

:helptags ~/.vimrc/doc

How to use

There is no configuration required for this plugin.

:help yii/web/Controller

You should note though, that we use a forward slash (/) instead of a backslash (\) as namespace separator. This was neccessary because when searching for tags, Vim uses regular expressions. So any backslash would indicate the start of a search pattern and you would have to type e.g. yii\\base\\Controller. Autocomplete wouldn't work very well either.

How to create the doc files

Note: This is only required if want to build your own flavour of the help files.

Start in an empty directory and install the yii2-apidoc-vim package via composer:

composer require mikehaertl\yii2-apidoc-vim dev-master

Now you can run the apidocvim command to extract the docs in Vim format from any source files:

./apidocvim api path/to/some/source/code /path/to/output/dir

You can also use the update-all command to automatically extract the doc files from the currenty yii2 packages installed in vendor/.

How to customize the created doc files

You can modify the view files in src/templates/views and adjust the render methods in src/templates/ApiRenderer.php.