Simple class to parse mp3info command ID3 tags

v0.3 2014-02-27 20:18 UTC



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PHP class to read ID3v1 tags with mp3info command


You should install mp3info:

On linux:

$ sudo apt-get install mp3info

On Mac:

$ brew install mp3info

To use this class install it through Composer, add:

    "require" : {
        "mhor/php-mp3info": "0.3"

How to use

use Mhor\PhpMp3Info\PhpMp3Info;
$mp3Info = new PhpMp3Info();
$mp3Tags = $mp3Info->extractId3Tags('music.mp3');
echo $mp3Tags->getAlbum();
echo $mp3Tags->getTitle();
echo $mp3Tags->getArtist();
echo $mp3Tags->getTrack();
echo $mp3Tags->getBitrate();
echo $mp3Tags->getLength();

##LICENSE See LICENSE for more information