The Laravel Microservice base.

v4.1.1 2023-07-28 13:35 UTC



This project is base of microservice implements on Laravel.


Check all info about ports, volumes and other settings in: ./docker-compose.yml, ./.env.example, ./config. Also you can find useful bash scripts in ./scripts

  1. Create project in dir "msvc" via composer
composer create-project mggflow/laravel-microservice-base msvc
  1. Add files to GIT
# git init
git add --all
  1. Install composer dependencies
composer install
  1. Use Docker for development without hardware dependencies
docker compose up -d
  1. Create your app logic with all advantages of Laravel. For example see app/HTTP/Controllers/GreetingsController.php and route

In the alternative case you can separately download "./scripts/" from GitHube repo and then

sudo sh ./ -u1000 -g1000 -r"mggflow/laravel-microservice-base" -d"/mnt/path/to/project"

P.S.: with the same script you can install your project based on this