Bundle extension that installs and loads Semantic MediaWiki and associated extensions

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Bundle extension that installs and loads Semantic MediaWiki and associated extensions.

This bundle is for everyone that wants to get the full Semantic MediaWiki experience without individually installing all extensions or figuring out what those extensions are in the first place.

Semantic Bundle is maintained by Professional.Wiki. Contact us for MediaWiki development, managed wiki hosting or MediaWiki support.

Bundled extensions

  • Semantic MediaWiki – Allows storing structured data in pages and querying it
  • Semantic Compound Queries – Provides a parser function that displays multiple semantic queries at the same time
  • Semantic Extra Special Properties – Adds extra special properties to all pages
  • Semantic Result Formats – Provides additional formats for semantic queries
  • Maps – Allows embedding of dynamic maps, geocoding and geospatial operations
  • Mermaid – Provides a parser function to generate diagrams and flowcharts with the help of the mermaid script language
  • Modern Timeline – Provides a modern timeline visualization for Semantic MediaWiki as a result format
  • Page Forms – Allows editing pages via user defined forms

Only in Semantic Bundle 5.0 and earlier:

Semantic Bundle Versions

Semantic Bundle Supported PHP Supported MediaWiki Bundled SMW
6.0.0 7.4 - 8.1 1.35 - 1.38 ~4.0.1
5.0.0 7.1 - 7.4 1.31 - 1.35 ~3.2.0


Semantic Bundle is installed using Composer with MediaWiki's built-in support for Composer.

Step 1/3: composer update

Change to the base directory of your MediaWiki installation and execute these two commands:

COMPOSER=composer.local.json composer require --no-update mediawiki/semantic-bundle:~6.0

composer update mediawiki/semantic-bundle --no-dev -o

Step 2/3: modify LocalSettings.php

Add the following two lines to the end of your "LocalSettings.php" file:

require_once __DIR__ . '/extensions/SemanticBundle/SemanticBundle.php';
enableSemantics( '' );

Update the enableSemantics line with your domain name. For more information see the enableSemantics documentation.

Step 3/3: run update.php

Run the update.php script from the base directory of your MediaWiki installation:

php maintenance/update.php

Verify everything went alright

Check the "Special:Version" page on your wiki. If it lists Semantic MediaWiki, installation was successful.

Finally, please consider sponsoring the project.

How this works

This section is to provide extra background to people familiar with the MediaWiki extension registration mechanism. Understanding it is not required for using Semantic Bundle.

Semantic Bundle pulls in all relevant Semantic MediaWiki extensions via Composer by defining them as dependency in its require section. By including SemanticBundle.php you enable these extensions, since SemanticBundle.php calls wfLoadExtensions just like you would do if you had installed them individually.

If you want to only load some of the extensions, you can call wfLoadExtensions yourself instead of including SemanticBundle.php.

Update/version policy

Like this included extensions, Semantic Bundle itself follows semantic versioning. This means that we avoid breaking changes in all but our major versions.

In other words, if you install version ~42.0 of Semantic Bundle, you can run composer update at any later time without worrying a breaking change will be included. No extensions will be removed, no extensions will be added and no extensions will be upgraded to a new version that itself has breaking changes.

To get the latest set of extensions included by Semantic Bundle, make sure your "composer.local.json" file contains the latest version of Semantic Bundle.

Version history

Semantic Bundle 6.0.1 (2022-04-09)

  • Fixed loading of Semantic MediaWiki

Semantic Bundle 6.0.0 (2022-04-08)

  • Raised minimum PHP version from 7.1 to 7.4 and added support for PHP 8.0
  • Raised minimum MediaWiki version from 1.31 to 1.35 and added support for MediaWiki 1.36 up to 1.38
  • Removed Semantic Breadcrumb Links
  • Removed Semantic Cite
  • Removed Semantic Interlanguage Links
  • Removed Semantic Meta Tags
  • Upgraded Semantic MediaWiki from ^3.2 to ^4.0.1
  • Upgraded Semantic Result Formats from ^3.0 to ^4.0.1
  • Upgraded Maps from ^7.20.1 to ^9.0.7
  • Upgraded Mermaid from ^2.1.1 to ^3.1.0
  • Upgraded Semantic Extra Special Properties from ^2.0 to ^3.0.1

Semantic Bundle 5.0.0 (2021-08-05)

  • Upgraded Page Forms from ~4.6 to ~5.0

Semantic Bundle 4.0.0 (2020-11-02)

  • Removed Semantic Glossary

Semantic Bundle 3.2.0 (2020-09-13)

  • Upgraded Semantic MediaWiki from ~3.1.0 to ~3.2.0

Semantic Bundle 3.1.2 (2020-03-17)

  • Fixed defect in 3.1.1 that made Composer ignore that release

Semantic Bundle 3.1.1 (2020-03-15)

  • Fixed compatibility with MediaWiki 1.31 (by preventing installation of Mermaid newer than 2.0.x)

Semantic Bundle 3.1.0 (2020-01-26)

  • Upgraded Maps from ~7.4.0 to ~7.15

Semantic Bundle 3.0.1 (2019-10-29)

  • Fixed double loading of Semantic MediaWiki that happened in some cases

Semantic Bundle 3.0.0 (2019-09-24)

  • Upgraded Semantic MediaWiki from ~3.0.0 to ~3.1.0

Semantic Bundle 2.0.0 (2019-09-09)

  • Upgraded Semantic Interlanguage Links from ~1.5 to ~2.0

Semantic Bundle 1.0.0 (2019-09-05)

  • Initial release for MediaWiki 1.31.x and Semantic MediaWiki 3.0.x