A highly flexible MediaWiki skin using Twitter Bootstrap 3

1.5.0 2016-11-23 20:57 UTC


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68747470733a2f2f75706c6f61642e77696b696d656469612e6f72672f77696b6970656469612f6d6564696177696b692f7468756d622f332f33312f4368616d656c656f6e2e7376672f32323070782d4368616d656c656f6e2e7376672e706e67 Chameleon is a highly customizable MediaWiki skin that uses Twitter Bootstrap 3.

It currently provides four different layouts to chose from. The standard layout features a horizontal navigation menu with dropdowns at the top and a horizontal menu with dropups for the language links at the bottom. Each layout is defined in an XML file and as such easily adaptable to your needs.


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