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Custom Userform Field which integrates with Campaign Monitor

1.2.4 2020-07-06 04:49 UTC

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#Campaign Monitor UserForm Field Adds a custom field to UserForms which allows you to select a list from campaign monitor, set custom fields and subscribe on submission.


Via composer

composer require mediabeast/campaign-monitor-userform

To connect to your campaign monitor field you will need to set two fields in your config.yml.

    api_key: 'API KEY GOES HERE'
    client_id: 'CLIENT ID GOES HERE'

^ These setting can be found in client settings area in Campaign Monitor.


You can also change what type of field is actually used on the UserForm. By Default it's a checkbox field. You can change this via your config.yml OR via the CMS per form. If you choose to use a DropdownField you can add options under the Custom Options tab.

    defaultFieldType: 'DropdownField'
Adding Custom Fields

You can integrate your campaigns custom fields with the fields on your form. To do so you must name the field(s) with the prefix 'customfields_', so for example if your custom field was called interests then the field name on your form must be named customfield_interests. The module will automatically push all fields to Campaign Monitor if there's a match. Note: there are a few caveats here e.g. you have to ensure if a field is required then it needs to be required at both ends.


There are a few extension hooks which can be useful to handle data before and after saving throughout the process.

  • $this->extend('beforeValueFromData', $data)
  • $this->extend('afterValueFromData', $data)
  • $this->extend('updateLists', $data)
  • $this->extend('updateCustomFields', $custom_fields)

field configuration example