A Laravel checkout companion to work with Maxfactor Vue Cart.



Environment configuration:

This package exposes the following configuration options:

pca_key: Postcode Anywhere Key, set if this service is being used minimum_order: Order must reach this value to be processable. Defaults to £1.00.

If the configuration is published the default Checkout and Postage models can be changed. See development notes for more about this.

Development notes

In the host project you will typically use the HandlesCheckout trait on a Checkout model. This will allow you to access the checkout data via the getCurrentCheckoutParams() method. This can then be processed in accordance with your projects order generation needs.

Checkout data accessed with the getCurrentCheckoutParams() method includes user and product and information.

The CheckoutController in this package uses a show() and store() method which is applied to each stage of the checkout to show the view and store the content repectively. The show and store functionality is performed by the HandlesCheckout trait. Custom functionality can be achieved by overloading these methods on the Checkout model implementing it in your project.

This package also provides a HandlesPostage trait which can be implemented in a similar fashion to the HandlesCheckout trait. This allows you to use custom delivery date configurations in your host application.

A flow diagram is included in this repository to illustrate what is intended to happen at each stage of the checkout and the methods called to achieve this. Flowmap