A Laravel Doctrine friendly daemonising queue worker for Laravel 5

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A Laravel Queue worker that's safe for use with Laravel Doctrine

When to use SafeQueue

  • You use Laravel 5
  • You use Laravel Doctrine
  • Devops say the CPU usage of queue:listen is unacceptable
  • You want to do php artisan queue:work --daemon without hitting cascading EntityManager is closed exceptions


Version Supported Laravel Versions
0.1.* 5.1, 5.2
0.2.* ^5.3.16
0.3.* ^5.4.9

How it Works

SafeQueue overrides a small piece of Laravel functionality to make the queue worker daemon safe for use with Doctrine. It makes sure that the worker exits if the EntityManager is closed after an exception. For good measure it also clears the EM before working each job.


Install using composer

composer require maxbrokman/safe-queue

Once you've got the codez add the following to your service providers in app.php


Create the config file config/safequeue.php and load it: $app->configure('safequeue');


return [

    | Worker Command Name
    | Configure the signature / name of the Work Command here. The default
    | is to rename the command to 'doctrine:queue:work', however you can
    | rename it to whatever you want by changing this value.
    | To override the Laravel 'queue:work' command name just set this
    | to a false value or 'queue:work'.
    'command_name' => 'doctrine:queue:work',



php artisan doctrine:queue:work  connection --daemon -sleep=3 --tries=3 ...

All options are identical to Laravel's own queue:work method.


PRs welcome. Please send PRs to the relevant branch (0.1, 0.2, 0.3) depending on which version of Laravel you are targeting.

Run tests and style fixer.

vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer fix


I maintain this as part of my day job, please open any issues on Github