The "Symfony Standard Edition" adapted for my High Quality Bundles workshop


Getting started

  1. Create a new project:
composer create-project matthiasnoback/high-quality-bundles-project [project-directory] dev-master

N.B. When asked to keep the source control (Git) files, choose "Yes".

Project branches/versions

Be sure to add the version requirement dev-master when installing this project (or checkout the master branch if you clone it). During the workshop we will create a separate branch for the various changes that we make.

  1. When asked, supply the requested information concerning the MySQL database (make sure you run a MySQL server).

  2. Do whatever is needed to get your file permissions right (see also Setting up Permissions).

  3. Then see if everything works:

  1. Create the database and the database schema:
app/console doctrine:database:create
app/console doctrine:schema:create
  1. Configure the web server to serve the /web directory of this project.

If you run PHP 5.4 or higher, you don't need to configure the web server for this project, because you can use the Symfony command:

app/console server:run

Check if everything works. When you request in the browser you should see a list of existing users.