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APIcaller is a class that helps you build API wrappers.
You don't have to worry about building URLs, or even about parsing the requested data.

How to install via Composer

The recommended way to install is through Composer.

# Install Composer
$ curl -sS | php

# Add APIcaller as a dependency
$ php composer.phar require masnathan/api-caller:dev-master

Once it's installed, you need to require Composer's autoloader:

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

#How to Extend Here is some quick example.

class MyClass extends APIcaller
	function __construct()
	     * Calling the parent construct you can send the API URL, set the request method and/or the response type
	     * The API URL must be a valid url
       	 * The Request Method to use [GET|POST|PUT|DELETE], we have constants APIcaller::METHOD_GET, APIcaller::METHOD_…
       	 * The format of the data the webservice will return, can be APIcaller::CONTENT_TYPE_NONE, APIcaller::CONTENT_TYPE_JSON or APIcaller::CONTENT_TYPE_XML
		parent::__construct('', APIcaller::METHOD_GET, 'json');
		//You can also set some default parameters to use on the calls, like api keys and such.
		$this->setDefault('api_key', 'key');

Well, this is how you can start creating your class, now, lets make some calls!

public function callMeBaby($some_number)
    //1st, you need to set the parameters you want to send
    $params = array(
            'number' => $some_number,
            'other'  => 'info',
    //2nd, you send the request
    return $this->call('call_a_friend', $params);

This function will call the following url:

If you set the format/ response type to json or xml and the response has a valid format, the $this->call()function will return an array with the parsed data, if not, it'll return a string of the response.


This library is under the MIT License, see the complete license here

###Is your project using APIcaller? [Let me know]( and Description of your script.)!