Wireless Cross-Component Communication

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Wireless Cross-Component Communication

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Quick Install

composer require maslosoft/signals

Wireless cross-component communication

This component allows for interaction of application components, without prior or explicit assignment.


Use composer to install

composer require maslosoft/signals:"*"

Or by hard way, download somewhere in your project and ensure autoloading works for Maslosoft\Signals\* and you include dep too;

Setup signals. After calling init any further instance will be configured same as below $signal.

$signal = new Maslosoft\Signals\Signal();
$signal->runtimePath = RUNTIME_PATH;
$signal->paths = [

Generate signals definition, only once, hook it to your build script etc.

$signal = new Maslosoft\Signals\Signal();
(new Maslosoft\Signals\Utility($signal))->generate();


Emiting signal

Define signal:

namespace MyNamespace\Signals;

class AccountMenuItems extends AdminMenuItems
	public $item = [];

Define class with slot with @SlotFor annotation

namespace Maslosoft\Ilmatar\Modules;

class MyModule
	 * @SlotFor(MyNamespace\Signals\AccountMenuItems)
	public function reactOnAccountMenu(MyNamespace\Signals\AccountMenuItems $signal)
		$signal->item = [
			'url' => '/content/myBlog',
			'label' => 'My blog'

Emit signal and get results of this call:

$signal = new Maslosoft\Signals\Signal();
$result = $signal->emit(new AdminMenuItems());

echo $result[0]->item[0]['label']; // My blog

Gathering signals