Adds PostgreSQL enhancements to Doctrine. Provides support for JSON, JSONB and some array data types. Provides functions, operators and common expressions used when working with JSON data, arrays and features related to text search.

v1.5.2 2021-01-24 13:21 UTC


What's this?

This package provides Doctrine support for some specific PostgreSQL 9.4+ features:

  • Support of JSONB and some array data-types (at present only integers, TEXT and JSONB)
  • Implementation of the most commonly used functions and operators when working with array and JSON data-types
  • Functions for text search
  • Aggregate functions

It can be integrated in a simple manner with Symfony, Laravel and other frameworks that make use of Doctrine.

You can easily extend package's behaviour with your own array-like data-types or other desired functions. Read more about this in the contributing guide.

How to install?

Easiest and recommended way is with Composer

composer require martin-georgiev/postgresql-for-doctrine

How to integrate with your framework?

Read the guide with examples for Symfony.

Read the guide with examples for Laravel.

Read the guide with examples for Doctrine.

Check for common use-cases, examples and known errors.


This package is licensed under the MIT License.