A Laravel wrapper for version 4 of the IGDB API (Apicalypse) including webhook handling

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4.2.0 2024-03-10 03:44 UTC


This is a Laravel wrapper for version 4 of the IGDB API (Apicalypse) including webhook handling.

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Basic installation

You can install this package via composer using:

composer require marcreichel/igdb-laravel

The package will automatically register its service provider.

To publish the config file to config/igdb.php run:

php artisan igdb:publish

This is the default content of the config file:

return [
     * These are the credentials you got from
    'credentials' => [
        'client_id' => env('TWITCH_CLIENT_ID', ''),
        'client_secret' => env('TWITCH_CLIENT_SECRET', ''),

     * This package caches queries automatically (for 1 hour per default).
     * Here you can set how long each query should be cached (in seconds).
     * To turn cache off set this value to 0
    'cache_lifetime' => env('IGDB_CACHE_LIFETIME', 3600),

     * Path where the webhooks should be handled.
    'webhook_path' => 'igdb-webhook/handle',

     * The webhook secret.
     * This needs to be a string of your choice in order to use the webhook
     * functionality.
    'webhook_secret' => env('IGDB_WEBHOOK_SECRET', null),


You will find the full documentation on the dedicated documentation site.


Run the tests with:

composer test


Pull requests are welcome :)