Set of tools to build data set queries and attach them within http context

3.5.1 2023-06-23 09:11 UTC


Provides a backend-agnostic set of tools for building user interface or dataset queries.

This package provide:

  • calista-query: provide a simple Query object that normalizes user input from Symfony's HTTP Foundation request's object data, based upon a configuration, suitable for datasource security filtering,

  • calista-datasource: simple datasource interface, suitable for searching or listing data, can be used to implement generic administration screens, CSV or XLS data export, autocomplete backend queries,...

  • calista-twig: plugs the calista-view package with Twig,

  • calista-view: dynamic arbitrary object properties definition introspection and definition, can be used to build dynamic and generic displays for administration screens, CSV or XLS data exports, etc...