Add statsd metrics in your symfony app. Allow you to bind metrics on any symfony event.

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v7.1.0 2020-11-06 07:47 UTC


Statsd Bundle for Prometheus.


  • Dispatch events to increment metrics, set gauges and collect timers
  • Send Statsd metrics (DogStatsD format)
  • Handle Prometheus tags in the metrics

How to use the bundle

  1. First Download and install the bundle
  2. Then, see how to Configure the bundle
  3. Then, have a look at the Usage and code examples documentation

Noticeable versions and migration guides

  • Version 1.6 is compatible with Prometheus (converted with statsd_exporter)
  • Version 2+ adds new features, and the configuration changed a bit, see upgrade doc
  • Version 3+ adds compatibility with psr 14 about event dispatcher and use specialized events without names, see upgrade doc



StatsdPrometheusBundle is licensed under the MIT license.