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Riot Games API client

v1.0.1 2017-10-19 15:18 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-11-27 13:29:03 UTC


Simple yet powerful PHP wrapper for Riot Games API (formerly LeaguePHP/LeagueWrap and paquettg/leaguewrap).

The library has been fully rewritten to support v3 of the League of Legends API and adapted to use modern PHP standards such as PSR-4, PSR-6 and PSR-7. Guzzle has been removed in favor of PHP-HTTP, while the caching and rate-limiting backends now fully support PSR-6 through PHP Cache.

Note that the HTTP client is pluggable and must be chosen when installing the library. For example using Guzzle along with LeagueWrap would look like:

composer require \
    php-http/guzzle6-adapter \
    php-http/message \
    guzzlehttp/psr7 \

See the library users section for more information.


  • Simple API design
    • leverages PHP's magic methods and provides phpdoc annotations
    • implements ArrayAccess and "dot notation" to quickly grab data
  • Rate limiting supports app and method limits
  • PSR-6 compatible caching with multiple backend adapters and framework integrations
  • Batch calls - every method can accept an array of identifiers to generate multiple asynchronous requests


use LeagueWrap\Client as RiotApi;

$api = new RiotApi('RGAPI-xxx', 'euw');

// The following calls produce the same results

// Support for batch calls (requires multiple async requests)
$api->match()->getById([$gameId, $anotherGameId]); // using array as an argument
$api->match()->byIds([$gameId, $anotherGameId]); // dedicated method on the Match API Class

// Simple data access
$myGame = $api->match()->byId($id);
$myGame['gameId'] === $id;
$myGame['teams.0.teamId'] === 100; // "dot" notation support for nested elements

Rate limiting

Any PSR-6 compatible cache pool can be used for rate limiting backend. If no pool is supplied, the filesystem is used. For list of available pools see php-cache docs.

// Redis backend with Predis client
// @see https://github.com/php-cache/predis-adapter
$client = new \Predis\Client('tcp:/');
$pool = new \Cache\Adapter\Predis\PredisCachePool($client);

    '10' => 100, // 100 requests per 10 seconds
], $pool);

// When using Laravel
$store = app(\Illuminate\Cache\Repository::class)->getStore();
$pool = new \Cache\Adapter\Illuminate\IlluminateCachePool($store);

    '10' => 100, // 100 requests per 10 seconds
], $pool);

 * Caching is very similar, infact the same pool can be shared with the rate-limiter.


Additional headers

The underlying PSR response contains additional headers such as:

  • X-Region - region string, can be used with Region::create($value)
  • X-Endpoint - endpoint name, can be used with BaseApi::$endpointDefinitions[$endpointName]


Batch request calls / caching

Consider the following example:

$api->addCache($cachePool)->match()->byIds([$id1, $id2, ..., $idN, $id1]);

it is possible that N+1 requests will be made instead of N (where the second call with $id1 would be cached) because Guzzle can start multiple requests "concurrently", therefore the second call would be fired before the first response could be received and cached.

This scenario is not that significant in most cases as requesting multiple same resources should be avoided in the application logic.


  • Finish writing annotations for phpdoc
  • Custom cache TTL for individual endpoints
  • Sync rate limits and usage from responses
  • Clean up batch responses sorting
  • Dto support?
  • Should the filesystem cache be used by default or use void?

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