This module provides a simple addressbook management for admin and frontend rendering.

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LUYA address book module

This module is the result of the comprehensive LUYA module lessons.

The module itself provides a simple way to manage multiple address records and to render them in the frontend. It also allows to to group the different contacts and send an email to all members of a group.


Require the address module via composer

composer require luyadev/luya-module-addressbook

and install/update with composer install oder composer update

Add both address book modules (admin and frontend) to your project config:

'modules' => [
    /* ... */

    'addressbookadmin' => 'luya\addressbook\admin\Module',
    'addressbook' => 'luya\addressbook\frontend\Module',

Don't forget to register the modules with /vendor/bin/luya import and set the permissions:

Settings permissions

Integrate the frontend module

Create a module page in CMS and choose the addressbook module:

Creating the module page


The Active Window in the admin module will allow you to send an email to all group members:

Showing the ActiveWindow

The frontend module will display all contacts for each group and you can get additional detailed infos by clicking on a contact:

address book frontend