NiftyFolder is a PHP application turning any folder on your Google Drive into a website in minutes.

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NiftyFolder turns any folder containing Google docs on your Google Drive into a website in minutes

(and working on turning those minutes in to seconds 😀)

NiftyFolder in a nutshell

Create a folder on your Google Drive. Add Google docs to this folder for all the pages of your website. Add sub-folders for different sections of your website if you want. Install NiftyFolder on your webserver. Connect to your Google Drive. Select your website folder on the NiftyFolder admin page. Done!

NiftyFolder is a project written in PHP. It uses the Google API client PHP SDK.


Installing and using NiftyFolder

Read how to install and use Niftyfolder on

NiftyFolder is a project of Lútsen Stellingwerff.

Google Drive is a trademark of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions. NiftyFolder is not part of or associated with Google Inc.