Coding standard used in LMC projects

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PHP coding standard used in LMC projects.

Standard is based on PSR-2 and adds various checks to make sure the code is readable, does follow the same conventions and does not contain common mistakes.

We use EasyCodingStandard to define and execute checks created for both PHP-CS-Fixer and PHP_CodeSniffer.


composer require --dev lmc/coding-standard


  1. Create easy-coding-standard.yaml file in root directory of your project and import the LMC code-style rules:
    - { resource: 'vendor/lmc/coding-standard/easy-coding-standard.yaml' }
  1. Run the check command (for src/ and tests/ directories):
vendor/bin/ecs check src/ tests/
  1. Optionally we recommend adding this to scripts section of your composer.json:
    "scripts": {
        "analyze": [
            "vendor/bin/ecs check src/ tests/ --ansi",
            "[... other scripts, like PHPStan etc.]"

Exclude (skip) some checks or files

You can configure EasyCodingStandard via parameters section of your easy-coding-standard.yaml to:

  • exclude a specific file from all checks (via exclude_files)
  • disable specific check completely or for some file(s) or directories (via skip)

IDE integration

For integration with PHPStorm etc. follow instructions in EasyCodingStandard README.


For latest changes see CHANGELOG.md file. We follow Semantic Versioning.


This library is open source software licensed under the MIT license.