A generic Admin module for Laminas MVC.

v1.2.0 2024-04-22 19:18 UTC


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LmcAdmin Module for Laminas Framework

Created by Jurian Sluiman and Martin Shwalbe.


LmcAdmin is a minimal admin interface for generic administrative purposes. It is a common screen with navigation that hides behind authentication and authorization.


LmcAdmin is enabled to be installed via composer. Load lm-commons/lmc-admin in your composer.json file. You can specify its version (currently only 1.0.0 is recommended) or use dev-master to load the latest version from master. Enable LmcAdmin in your module.config.php configuration file.

If you do not want to use composer, clone this project (either as a git submodule or not) into ./vendor/ directory.


LmcAdmin allows you to create routes under a single parent "admin" route. You can also use it to enable navigation in your admin layout. Furthermore integration of LmcRbacMvc is provided.

The complete configuration is flexible, so you can update the zfcadmin parent route, its children, the navigation and all default provided view scripts. Read more in the documentation about usage and customization of LmcAdmin.


LmcAdmin is currently under development. The authors feel LmcAdmin is stable enough for production versions and you can always fix your LmcAdmin version to a specific tag.