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About module

This module is part of a school project at Blekinge Institute of Technology, fall 2020. The module works with Anax (framework) to get weather for your specific area, depending on coordinates or ip.


To install this module, use composer

composer require lioo19/weathermodule

To setup, copy the necessary files and config

rsync -av vendor/lioo19/weathermodule/config/ config/
rsync -av vendor/lioo19/weathermodule/src/ src/
rsync -av vendor/lioo19/weathermodule/test/ test/
rsync -av vendor/lioo19/weathermodule/view/ view/

Finally, to get it all working, modify the config/apikeyssample.php with valid apikeys and rename it to apikeys.php

The Modules Ip and Weather are now available and can be accessed through /weather or ip.

If you would like to add them to the navigation, please do so in the config/navbar catalogue.

Don't forget to run make install.


This is an Anax module and its usage is primarly intended to be together with the Anax framework.

You can install an instance on anax/anax and run this module inside it, to try it out for testing and development.