Etcd client library for PHP

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Etcd client library for PHP

etcd is a distributed configuration system, part of the coreos project.

This repository provides a client library for etcd for PHP applications.

Installing and running etcd

git clone
cd etcd

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composer require linkorb/etcd-php


The client

Instantiate the client

$client = new Client($server);

Instantiate the client with custom Guzzle Client

$client = Client::constructWithGuzzleClient($guzzleClient, $server);

Use the client instance

$client->set('/foo', 'fooValue');
// Set the ttl
$client->set('/foo', 'fooValue', 10);
// get key value
echo $client->get('/foo');

// Update value with key
$client->update('/foo', 'newFooValue');

// Delete key

// Create a directory
// Remove dir

The command line tool

Setting Key Values

Set a value on the /foo/bar key:

$ bin/etcd-php etcd:set /foo/bar "Hello world"

Set a value on the /foo/bar key with a value that expires in 60 seconds:

$ bin/etcd-php etcd:set /foo/bar "Hello world" --ttl=60

Create a new key /foo/bar, only if the key did not previously exist:

$ bin/etcd-php etcd:mk /foo/new_bar "Hello world"

Create a new dir /fooDir, only if the key did not previously exist:

$ bin/etcd-php etcd:mkdir /fooDir

Update an existing key /foo/bar, only if the key already existed:

$ bin/etcd-php etcd:update /foo/bar "Hola mundo"

Create or update a directory called /mydir:

$ bin/etcd-php etcd:setDir /mydir

Retrieving a key value

Get the current value for a single key in the local etcd node:

$ bin/etcd-php etcd:get /foo/bar

Listing a directory

Explore the keyspace using the ls command

$ bin/etcd-php etcd:ls
$ bin/etcd-php etcd:ls /adir

Add -recursive to recursively list subdirectories encountered.

$ bin/etcd-php etcd:ls --recursive

Deleting a key

Delete a key:

$ bin/etcd-php etcd:rm /foo/bar

Delete an empty directory or a key-value pair

$ bin/etcd-php etcd:rmdir /path/to/dir 

Recursively delete a key and all child keys:

$ bin/etcd-php etcd:rmdir /path/to/dir --recursive

Export node

$ bin/etcd-php etcd:export --server= --format=json --output=config.json /path/to/dir

Watching for changes

Watch for only the next change on a key:

$ bin/etcd-php etcd:watch /foo/bar