CRM Bundle for Symfony with Email management

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CRM bundle for Symfony with Email management

This bundle leverages the full potential of both SymfonyLibrinfoEmailBundle and SymfonyLibrinfoCRMBundle

It is also a proof of concept of how it is possible to override the entity mapping of a Symfony bundle, using the new Design Pattern "Outer Extension" (still a WIP in the Libre Informatique's lab, for the moment)! New article coming soon about how we did it...


You have to implement 4 "outer extension" traits in your symfony AppBundle :

  • ContactExtension
  • PositionExtension
  • OrganismExtension
  • EmailExtension
// src/AppBundle/Entity/Extension/ContactExtension.php
namespace AppBundle\Entity\Extension;

trait ContactExtension
    use \Librinfo\EmailCRMBundle\Entity\Traits\HasEmailMessages;
// src/AppBundle/Entity/Extension/PositionExtension.php
namespace AppBundle\Entity\Extension;

trait PositionExtension
    use \Librinfo\EmailCRMBundle\Entity\Traits\HasEmailMessages;
// src/AppBundle/Entity/Extension/OrganismExtension.php
namespace AppBundle\Entity\Extension;

trait OrganismExtension
    use \Librinfo\EmailCRMBundle\Entity\Traits\HasEmailMessages;
// src/AppBundle/Entity/Extension/EmailExtension.php
namespace AppBundle\Entity\Extension;

trait EmailExtension
    use \Librinfo\EmailCRMBundle\Entity\Traits\HasEmailRecipients;

... and now the entities of SymfonyLibrinfoEmailBundle and SymfonyLibrinfoCRMBundle are linked from outer space!