Application module and administration for ZF2 application

0.7.0 2015-08-17 18:20 UTC



  • Create a dropdown view helper menu for administration layout [Partial completed]
  • Configuration page in administration [Partial completed]
  • Render templates by relative name if it contains in the same level after '/' sign [COMPLETED]


URI can ends at leading '/` or not.
Principles: any page should be in one example (only 1 uri).

Install changes

From 0.4.1 it became lightweighter by move JS library from requires to suggested.
So you can include them by changing layout page to your demands.
The list:

  • libra/jquery-assets
  • libra/jquery-ui-assets (While, it's not in use)
  • libra/twitter-bootstrap-assets
  • libra/fancybox-assets

Libra CMS repo contains them by default.


bin/application updater update 0.3.5


Fast view of

Possible to view README of any project by any of this urls:

  • http://libra-cms/libra-app/markdown?file=vendor/libra/libra-app/
  • http://libra-cms/libra-app/markdown?file=vendor/libra/libra-app/README

or simply

  • http://libra-cms/libra-app/markdown?file=vendor/libra/libra-app

It looks for file in that folder.