eIDAS Trust Services and Qualified Certificate Statement (QCStatement) library

3.6.1 2021-04-29 06:11 UTC


eIDAS Certificate Parser and Trusted List tools

This library is intended to enhance the usability of eIDAS certificates.

eIDAS Qualified Certificates especially are difficult to handle, as they are generally not issued by a CA your browser/OS recognises, and not all CAs (Trust Service Providers) are authorised to issue all kinds of certificates.

The European Commission is the ultimate authority for Trust Services in the Single Market, and publishes a Trusted List of Lists (TLOL), which point to Trusted Lists maintained by organisations in each Member State. The TLOL includes the Digital Identities (certificates) used to digitally sign both the TLOL and the individual Trusted Lists.

Each Trusted List then describes the registered Trust Service Providers each authority supervises, the services they are authorised to provide, and the history of the authorisation of each provider. This allows for historic queries (e.g. was a provider authorised to provide the specific type of Trust Service at the time this certificate was issued) as well as current queries (Can I trust this certificate now?).

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