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This repository represent an micro framework for calculate PHP projects metrics. Our objective is to increase the use of metrics to measure quality in a simple way.

Get started

To get started, run the Composer command:

composer global require leonardovilarinho/insphptor

Next, in your project directory, run the insphptor init command, to create insphptor settings file (insphptor.yml). Finally run insphptor run:export -o to calculate metrics and open in your browser.


Use insphptor.yml file in root directory your projeto to configure the analyze.

name: Insphptor Project
export: json
git: auto
level: normal
rank: 6
    - interface
    - file
    - source
    overview: insphptor-overview


  • insphptor init: create insphptor.yml file based in your answers.
  • insphptor run: calculate metrics and display result in terminal.
  • insphptor run:export: calculate metricsm display result in terminal and export json file for view system.
  • insphptor start: server your projects result in browser.
  • insphptor clean: delet all data.


  • inphptor --help: see list with all commands.
  • inphptor run:export -o: open result in grapic browser.
  • inphptor run:export -f: generate an alias for this result.