Uuid data extension for SilverStripe

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Easily add uuid to your DataObjects

Getting started

Simply add the extension to your DataObject

    - LeKoala\Uuid\UuidExtension

Call UuidExtension::getByUuid(MyDataObject::class, $uuid) to retrieve the record by Uuid.

In your templates, use UuidSegment to ensure Uuid value is generated on the record. UuidSegment are base62 encoded in order to be shorter and more readable.

Since Uuid's are stored in binary format for performance reason, you need to call $myObject->dbObject('Uuid').Nice() to get a readable value.

Upgrade to Ramsey v4

If you happen to upgrade from previous versions you might want to check this guide


  • Upgrade to Ramsey v4
  • Postgres compat

Worth reading

Storing UUID Values in MySQL

GUID/UUID Performance

Laravel: The mysterious “Ordered UUID”: offer a good overview of the situation although it's a bit laravel specific


Tested with 4.4 and up


LeKoala - thomas@lekoala.be