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Leaf MVC 3

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Leaf MVC is a lightweight but feature-rich MVC framework built on top of leaf php. It provides a simple and opinionated structure with a tons of functionality built in.

📦 Installation

You can install Leaf MVC v3 with the Leaf CLI

leaf create <project-name> --mvc

Or for a more personalized installation, you can add --custom to the command

leaf create <project-name> --mvc --custom

You can also use Composer if you don't want to use the Leaf CLI, although we recommend using the CLI for a better experience:

composer create-project leafs/mvc <project-name>

Note that <project-name> is the name of the project you want to create, and that will be your folder name. You can also use . to install in the current directory.

🗂 Directory Structure

│   ├───console
│   ├───controllers
│   ├───database
│   │   ├───factories
│   │   ├───migrations
│   │   ├───schema
│   │   └───seeds
│   ├───helpers
│   ├───models
│   ├───routes
│   └───views
│       ├───css
│       └───errors
│   └───assets
│       ├───css
│       └───img
│   ├───app
│   │   └───public
│   ├───framework
│   │   └───views
│   └───logs

This directory structure is a blend of Ruby on Rails and Laravel

To run your Leaf MVC application, use

php leaf serve

Or with the Leaf CLI

leaf serve

📓 Learning Leaf MVC

  • Leaf MVC has a very easy to understand documentation which contains information on all operations in Leaf MVC.
  • Since Leaf MVC runs on Leaf, you should check out the Leaf PHP Framework documentation here.
  • You can also check out our youtube channel which has video tutorials on different topics
  • We are also working on codelabs which will bring hands-on tutorials you can follow and contribute to.

😇 Contributing

We are glad to have you. All contributions are welcome! To get started, familiarize yourself with our contribution guide and you'll be ready to make your first pull request 🚀.

To report a security vulnerability, you can reach out to @mychidarko or @leafphp on twitter. We will coordinate the fix and eventually commit the solution in this project.

🤩 Sponsoring Leaf

Your cash contributions go a long way to help us make Leaf even better for you. You can sponsor Leaf and any of our packages on open collective or check the contribution page for a list of ways to contribute.

We will furthermore like to thank our existing supporters, we love you all ❤️

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