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Leaf Blade

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The standalone version of Laravel's Blade templating engine for use outside of Laravel.


Install using composer:

composer require leafs/blade


Create a Blade instance by passing it the folder(s) where your view files are located, and a cache folder. Render a template by calling the make method. More information about the Blade templating engine can be found on http://laravel.com/docs/5.8/blade.

use Leaf\Blade;

$blade = new Blade('app/views', 'app/views/cache');

You can also initialise it globally and point to template directories later.

$blade = new Blade;

// somewhere, maybe in a different file
$blade->configure("app/views", "app/views/cache");
echo $blade->make('index', ['name' => 'Michael Darko'])->render();

Alternatively you can use the shorthand method render:

echo $blade->render('index', ['name' => 'Michael Darko']);

We can have this as our template index.blade.php

<!Doctype html>
        <title>{{ $name }}</title>
        <div class="container">{{ $name }}</div>

You can also extend Blade using the directive() function:

$blade->directive('datetime', function ($expression) {
    return "<?php echo with({$expression})->format('F d, Y g:i a'); ?>";

Which allows you to use the following in your blade template:

Current date: @datetime($date)

The Blade instances passes all methods to the internal view factory. So methods such as exists, file, share, composer and creator are available as well. Check out the original documentation for more information.