This Sprinkle provides a UI for core and custom site settings

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Configuration Manager sprinkle for UserFrosting 5. Lets you edit UserFrosting configs from the interface.

Help and Contributing

If you need help using this sprinkle or found any bug, feels free to open an issue or submit a pull request. You can also find me on the UserFrosting Chat most of the time for direct support.


To install in your Sprinkle :

  1. Add this package with Composer :

    composer require lcharette/uf_configmanager "~4.1.0"
  2. Edit your Sprinkle Recipe to include the ConfigManager as a Sprinkle dependency :

  3. Add Config Manager frontend assets dependencies :

    npm i --save @lcharette/configmanager@~4.1.0
  4. Add Config Manager & FormGenerator frontend entries to your webpack entries. Open webpack.config.js and add in const sprinkles { ... }:

    FormGenerator: require('@lcharette/formgenerator/webpack.entries'),
    ConfigManager: require('@lcharette/configmanager/webpack.entries'),
  5. Run :

    php bakery bake

Working example

The public/ directory serves as an example of ConfigManager. You can clone this repository and install as any UserFrosting 5 sprinkle :

  1. composer install
  2. php bakery bake
  3. php -S localhost:8080 -t public


The migration will automatically add the update_site_config permission to the Site Administrator role. If it's not added automatically, you can run the UserFrosting\Sprinkle\ConfigManager\Database\Seeds\SettingsPermissions seed using the php bakery seed command or add it manually in the admin UI. To give access to the config UI to another user, simply add the update_site_config permission slug to that user role.

Add link to the menu

The configuration UI is bound to the the /settings route. Simply add a link to this route where you want it. The checkAccess make it so it will appear only for users having the appropriate permission. For example, you can add the following to the sidebar menu :

{% if checkAccess('update_site_config') %}
    <a href="{{site.uri.public}}/settings"><i class="fa fa-gears fa-fw"></i> <span>{{ translate("CONFIG_MANAGER.TITLE") }}</span></a>
{% endif %}

Adding custom config

Settings are separated by topics in the UI. Each topic is represented by a file, located in schema/config/. Unlike normal schema files, all entries needs to be wrapped inside a config key. A name and desc top-level entry will allow to define the title and description of the topic.

    "name" : "SITE.CONFIG",
    "desc" : "SITE.CONFIG.DESC",

    "config": { ... }

For example, to add an entry for site.title text and site.registration.enabled checkbox option in a "UserFrosting Settings" topic :

    "name" : "SITE.CONFIG",
    "desc" : "SITE.CONFIG.DESC",

    "config": {
        "site.title" : {
            "validators" : {
                "required" : {
                    "message" : "SITE.TITLE.REQUIRED"
            "form" : {
                "type" : "text",
                "label" : "SITE.TITLE",
                "icon" : "fa-comment"
        "site.registration.enabled" : {
            "validators" : {},
            "form" : {
                "type" : "checkbox",
                "label" : "SITE.REGISTRATION.ENABLED"

NOTE Only .json are accepted. Yaml schemas are cannot be used for now.


By Louis Charette. Copyright (c) 2020, free to use in personal and commercial software as per the MIT license.